Coronavirus (COVID-19) The Bridge Pub risk assessment

Assessment date:29th May 2020

Review date: 29th June 2020


Who may be harmed

Control measures

Action by When?


Staff Uniform

Staff Members

All staff will be required to change into their work uniform when they arrive at the pub before starting work.

Each member of staff will have a box that is kept on the premises to store their work uniform safely and securely.

At the end of the shift staff will change out of their uniform on site and place it in a cloth bag ready to washed before their next shift on a 60C wash.

Staff will be reminded to regularly wash their uniforms at home and ensure it is clean before they next need to wear it for work.

Before Opening


Working as part of a team

Staff Members

Staff members will be given a section to work during their shift (Kitchen, Bar or Service) and will not change sections throughout the shift if there could be a risk of spreading germs. E.g. service staff to help with the bar or kitchen.

If at any point, 2 members of staff need to handle the same items e.g. plates or glasses, then they must wash/sanitize their hands before handling these items.

At the change of shifts, all surfaces and equipment that have been used by another member of staff will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected before another member of staff can start work. E.g. tills, glasswasher, pump handles, telephone, etc.

The member of staff that is cleaning the pub in the morning must wear protective gloves and apron throughout this process.

The member of staff that is working behind the bar on a shift will be solely responsible for cellar related jobs. E.g. restocking bottles or changing barrels or putting stock away etc.

If the first aid kit needs to be used for any reason then this will be the job of the service staff. Disposable gloves must be worn when using the first aid kit.

Staff members that are working on the floor will be responsible for ensuring that customers are following social distancing guidelines. They will also inform customers that failure to comply with the social distancing measures that we have put in place will result in no service to them and will be asked to leave. They will also remind customers that local authorities and police are able to enforce social distancing and issue fines if necessary.

If a staff member is having a break on the premises then these should be taken outside when possible or at as much distance from customers inside as possible.

Before Opening

Crowded Spaces

Staff, Customers, Contractors, Delivery Drivers

To avoid the pub becoming over crowded several tables and chairs have been removed from the pub.

All tables and chairs have been set out to adhere to government guidelines of 1m+ with signs directing that they must not be moved.

All customers will be instructed to wait at the entrance and wait to be seated at an appropriate table by a member of staff.

The pub will operate with a one way system in place which must be followed.

There will be no people standing in the pub or garden.

No customer is to be served any drinks at the bar. All drink and food orders will be taken at the table from a safe distance.

Hand Sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to the pub and must be used by everyone that enters the premises. Another sanitizer station will be available for people entering/leaving the toilets.

Each toilet will operate a one in one out system.

All deliveries to be made for the bar will be organized outside and carried into the premises by a member of staff.

There will be no entertainment that will draw a large unregulated crowd of people. I.e. live music or performances

To prevent congestion in queuing for the toilets if there are more than 2 people they will be asked to sit down and notified when the queue is gone.

To encourage social distancing, we will only seat a maximum of 6 people to a table unless they have pre booked a larger table for up to two households. We will be encouraging customers to book tables where possible to allow us to control the flow of people entering the premises.

For any events that require a booking (e.g. quiz night) we will ensure a staggered entry of customers to the premises.

Any contractors that need to carry out work on site must only do this when the pub is closed to avoid unnecessary contact with people.

Before Opening


Staff and Customers

Adequate ventilation will be provided to the pub by opening doors and windows where required to maintain a flow of fresh air.


Customer contact points

Staff and Customers

All tables, chairs and tableware will be sanitized and disinfected every time a customer leaves ready for the next people.

All doors will be propped open where possible to avoid unnecessary contact, where this is not possible door handles will be disinfected regularly.

We will use disposable or wipe clean menus that will be discarded or cleaned after every customer.

All transactions will be made by card/contactless or taking exact change only and the card machine will be disinfected after every use.

Single use plastic cups will be available if customers wish to have them and glasses will be washed after every use.

All toilet contact points will be disinfected at least once per hour and all bins will be emptied.

Any customers that are dining in the pub will have cutlery, napkins and condiment sachets brought to their table as required.

 Before Opening


Customers and Staff

Children will be welcome in the pub until 8pm but must always remain seated at the table with their guardian whilst on the premises.



Customers and Staff

We will remain a dog friendly pub in the front bar and garden only. All dogs must be kept on a lead and in close proximity to the owners at all times whilst on the premises.


Symptoms of Covid-19

Customers and Staff

If we become aware of any person having symptoms of covid-19 including high temperature or a persistent cough, they will be sent home immediately and instructed to follow the governments stay at home guidelines. A senior member of staff will be in regular contact with anyone who has been told to self-isolate to check on their mental well-being and assist where necessary with this.

We will also keep staff rotas for 21 days to assist with NHS Track and Trace guidelines. This will also be the case for any customers, visitors or contractors that will be on site.

Any member of staff that is required to self-isolate will receive SSP from day one of them being off work.


The Spread of Covid-19

Staff and Customers

Staff will be provided with PPE for them to wear at work. We will provide gloves, face masks and visors. Any staff wearing gloves will be instructed on how often these will need to be changed and that they are not a substitute for frequent hand washing. Gloves must be worn when handling dirty glassware or crockery and then disposed of. All face masks will be made to have a secure fit around the wearers face to ensure they will be as effective as possible. Any staff with long hair must have this tied back and clipped away from the face whilst at work

Anyone that is wearing a face covering must wash their hands before putting this on, and again before and after removing it safely.

Staff are advised to keep talking in close contact to customers to a minimum to reduce the risk of spreading airborne germs.

All staff members must wear a visor at all times during their shift to minimize the spread of germs, especially when taking orders or drinks/food at customers tables.


Disabled Access/Hearing or Visually Impaired

Staff and Customers

The pub will operate on a one way system as standard but we will have a separate entrance/exit exclusively for disabled customers. This will be clearly marked as a disabled doorway only.

Any customers that are hearing or visually impaired will have our new guidelines explained to them clearly either verbally or in writing on entry to the premises.

Adverse Weather Conditions


Any customers that are seated outside may be subjected to adverse weather conditions. E.g. snow or rain. If this occurs social distancing must still be met inside the premises and customers cannot seek shelter if there are no spare tables inside to accommodate them.

Queuing Outside the Pub for Entry


We will have clear guidelines on where customers will need to queue before entering the premises. We will ensure that the queue is in a safe area away from roads and will ensure that they will not be blocking footpaths. If a queue becomes too long a member of staff will be monitoring the queue and advising people to come back at a later time when tables will be available for them.


     Please ensure all staff are aware of reporting requirements and that all confirmed cases are escalated to Manager

     Any updates communicated in a timely manner to the team.

     This must include letting staff know about symptoms and actions the medical professionals are advising people to take.

     A colleague who has been isolated for 14 days cannot return to work until the appropriate ‘fit note’ documentation is provided by their GP/healthcare provider to demonstrate they are now fit to return to work.

     Assessments to be reviewed every 6 months or where significant change has occurred

     In order to minimise the risk of spread of infection, we rely on everyone taking responsibility for their actions and behaviours.

     Encourage an open and collaborative approach between your team where any issues can be openly discussed and addressed.